What are we up to?

After reaching Nepal we decided to take a flight back to Europe to continue cycling with the aim of reaching Vietnam through Central Asia (aka starting again as we had both the time and money).

We made our way through Northern Europe and Scandinavia dealing with a lot of bad weather, we were a little naive in thinking that spring would have started by April in Sweden – after a very cold and wet two months Sam injured his knee and our progress became difficult. As Sweden and Finland were so damn expensive we couldn’t really afford to stop and rest for the required amount of time to allow it to heal. Our mantra became – lets get to Tallinn and take a break.

We arrived in Tallinn on a beautiful spring morning at the begging of May and immediately fell in love with the city. Our 3 day rest turned into 7, one week became two – we continued to extend our stay. We were living in a great hostel and enjoying being in one place, having clean clothes and a place to cook real food. It was always supposed to be temporary but the longer we stayed the more we enjoyed being there – we had been cycling for 13 months and were both pretty tired.

After a month we both found work in Tallinn (TransferWise!) – and it turned out to be a great choice. We stayed in Tallinn for an interesting year before moving to Budapest in Hungary to help set up their new office there. We’ve been living in Budapest since – still cycling touring lots (Japan, Central Europe, Georgia, the Balkans) and travel lots – missing life on the road, but we had a fantastic year and are grateful for the opportunity we had to experience such adventure and freedom.

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