A few details about our journey so far:

(updated in Tallinn, 13.06.15)


Days since departure: 334 days

Distance cycled: 13,199 km

Longest daily distance: 135.7 km (Nepal)

Maximum altitude: 2350 m (India)

Most climbing in one day: 3750 m (Nepal)

Number of flat tires (Sam): 47

                                   (Sheena): 1

Highest temperature: 41 °C

Lowest temperature (without wind): -7°C

Wildest encounter (Sheena): Tiger

                                   (Sam): Horses in the toilet

Countries cycled through so far: 25

 England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech rep, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Denmark, Sweden, Aland Islands, Finland, Estonia.

Estimated amount of pasta eaten: 23 kg (based on the conservative estimate of 500g per week).

(the UK’s annual per capita consumption = 2.5kg, Irelands = 1 kg!)

One response to “Stats”

  1. Matthew Newton Avatar
    Matthew Newton

    Let me know if you pass through Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan. I was there last June & July. Great places if you like mountains. Food rubbish but folk amazing.

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