Review: Shewee Extreme

Ok, all you of sensitive disposition pease turn away, I am about to discuss urination devices. Namely my Shewee Extreme, which, to be quite frankly honest sounds pretty damn dangerous but is in fact a little funnel so that I can wee standing up just like the male of the species!
With 7 months on the road under our belts and a variety of terrains, locations and conditions, the Shewee has had quite a bit of use. I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive about using it and perhaps covering myself in my own wee, but with a little practise, it’s very straight forward and has been a godsend.

This is what the Shewee looks like. There will be no photos of it being used.......
This is what the Shewee looks like. There will be no photos of it being used…….

Simply put, the Shewee is a funnel with a spout that I hold between my legs. Wee goes down the funnel, out the spout and away from me. Any woman who has spent time outdoors will appreciate that we generally have a tougher time of it than the guys when it comes to answering calls of nature. I bought mine from Go Outdoors and it’s camo green. It’s available in a range of colours (freedom purple! bright blue! And power pink!), some of which in my opinion are a little bit loud. If I need to wee, I really don’t want to be pulling a bright pink or purple device from my bag for the world to see. Fortunately they have produced a few muted tones to appeal to the more humble amongst us. The Shewee Extreme comes with a case which is very handy, I don’t really ant my wee spout knocking around loose in my panniers. It also comes with an extra length of extension pipe so you won’t have any issues when trying to wee and you’re all layered up.

Picture the scene if you will……somewhere between two small towns in the Czech Republic, I am verging on bursting at the seams if I don’t get to relieve myself soon. There’s nothing but a tiny stand of trees in sight and baring my white backside to the world doesn’t paricularly appeal to me. Add to that the fact that we are in tick territory, and you bet your granny on it that I won’t be wiggling my naked backside anywhere near the long grass. Out comes the Shewee….. granted it’s not the most elegant contraption in the world, but it most certainly does the job, my discomfort has been aleviated and nobody has been subjected to “the whole of the moon”!

In summary, it allows me to wee pretty inconspicuously anywhere that Sam can, and in my opinion, that’s a feckin god send. So there we go, we’ve discussed urination and no one got hurt, fantastic! For ladies who enjoy the outdoors, I think this is a great piece of a kit. Pick one up at Go Outdoors (they even do delivery if you’re too shy to go in and buy one in person!)

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