Our Kit List

Tent – we need somewhere to sleep! – MSR Hubba Hubba: Amazing and light, super fast to put up. This is the second one I have owned, the last one coped with five years of heavy use all over the world, and even when I managed to break the poles after 4 years MSR repaired them for free! Its a great tent that I have always been very happy with. Its two man, better suited to man/woman unless the two men don’t mind being very cosy. The other great thing is it can be pitched free standing and without the cover, so if its a nice night you can look through the mesh and see the stars. After working in an outdoor shop for a while I have always been impressed with MSRs after sales, they seem like a good bunch of people and I have always been impressed with any of their gear I have bought and used.

Sleeping bags: Rab Ignition 3: Untried and untested… we were not too worried about the sleeping bag quality as we will be pointing our bikes into the direction of favourable weather conditions (if all goes well). The have a comfort rating down to zero centigrade so should be more than sufficient, although probably still a little warm for at least the first three months. This is one of the few new things we have bought ourselves as we didn’t want to sleep in our fully insulated winter bags and ruin them on a long trip. Unfortunately for Sheena alternate zips could not be bought

Sleeping mats: We are using two old ones, a thermarest and a generic one. The thermarest is over 12 years old and still going strong! Who owns thermarest? Cascade designs, the same company as MSR…. well done guys 🙂   (Thermarests are made in Ireland, hence their amazingness)

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