Tansen – mostly photos (and a video!)

Tansen is located on the main road between Butwal on the plains and Pokhara in the hills. It is a beautiful old medieval town with a maze of streets that are narrow and always seems to be going uphill, because they are so steep the centre has few (if any) cars. For some reason it doesn’t attract many tourists which is a shame, its a great mix of old buildings, good food and exceptionally friendly people. There are great hikes nearby, skies filled with rare vultures and beautiful mountain vistas. We stayed with Man Mohan, a very interesting person who has set up his own information centre, created maps and promotes tourism in the region.



Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 13.05.33




Cycling here was hard, being built on the side of a huge hill we had a big climb to get there. Even worse was the fact the start of the town is about 200 meters below the centre – mentally we thought we had arrived but still had a lot of climbing to go before we reached our accommodation.

Tough climbing!
Tough climbing!
Naughty temple carvings...
Naughty temple carvings…

We spent a few good days here, Sheena was excited to see lots of vultures (see below!), Sam was exited to eat lots of food (we ordered so many momos the woman selling them confirmed how many we wanted a few times).

Momos... food from heaven - dumplings that are either filled with veg, chicken or 'buff' (buffalo).
Momos… food from heaven – dumplings that are either filled with veg, chicken or ‘buff’ (buffalo) with a tasty homemade chilli sauce.

In one of the temples we visited we met ‘angry and ‘x’, two local boys who had been learning to breakdance by watching videos on the internet. They were part of a bigger group who spent the afternoon doing flips, windmills and other moves… they wanted us to video them and were good fun to watch even if they were completely unimpressed by Sheenas cartwheel.

Tansen B-boys from sam gunter on Vimeo.





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