Wakey, wakey!

Well Hallo, hej, halla, hej hej, tere!

We’ve not been writing for a while, Sheena was teaching Irish to reindeer herders and Sam was sent to work fixing shoe laces for the Finish national wife carrying team. With these tasks now behind us we have found ourselves in the beautiful city of Tallinn. Despite our preconceived ideas of the place being overrun by legions of drunk, Borat thong wearing stag parties in blue smurf paint it is very pleasant. In fact we have not seen a single stag party – not even one group of drunk people let alone one acting out of order in strange clothes, probably because costs have risen here considerably and it isn’t the cheap destination it once was. The city is oozing history, we have met some great people and set ourselves a list of tasks to complete before we move on.

Tallinn old town.

Tallinn old town.

Because of a persistent knee problem that became quite bad on our dash through the Scandinavian countries we are taking some time off here. The problems started on our return to Europe and it has been difficult to put our finger on the cause – the cold, bike not being set up properly, the wind, a tick bite, it could be one of many things…  previous rest periods of a day or two have done nothing to help the situation so we are taking a longer break with absolutely no cycling involved to try and allow it to heal. We have a cheapish place to stay and are enjoying eating lots while doing some low key sightseeing/planning for the months ahead.

Happy to have a working camera now.

One task we have set for ourselves is to get our blog back in order for when we set off again. We are just going to summerise our time in each country with some of the photos we were able to take. Apologies if the initial updates are a little unexotic, we assure you now we are in the east we will be able to write more and hopefully find some interesting things to write about!

The same dogs behind the same bones

The same dogs behind the same bones

Some of the posts are going to be about things we did a long time ago, they have already been written or part written, it seems a shame not to share them after we have spent the time writing them. In the absence of writing we will just show some of our photos (of which we have lots) because we quite like them and something needs to be done with them!

Our approximate route over the last six weeks.

Our approximate route over the last six weeks.

3 responses to “Wakey, wakey!

  1. hey guys, nice to read about ur travels again !
    hope ur knee problem heals up soon .. maybe you could try Hatha Yoga from some authentic guy to speed up the healing process.
    enjoy Tallin till then… 🙂

    • Thanks buddy, hopefully it will be better soon – I’m certain that there are no Hatha Yoga yogis in this neck of the woods but we will keep our eyes open! Will just have to stick to the local saunas and pickled fish diet… Hope you are doing well!

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