Some of Nepal’s hand painted signs…

We have a lot of photos of Nepal already… our first batch are some of the signs that entertain us as we cycle.

Road signs in Europe are boring (except the Czech pedestrian crossing sign which we will try to dig out, the coolest street crossing sign ever), uniformly identical warnings churned out from some factory somewhere, the only variation over the whole continent is colour. Boring!

Hand painted signs are common across India and Nepal, some are amazing, some are just plain funny. Clearly the skill of drawing is not a desired ‘competency’ when applying for the job of sign painter in Nepal!

Unfortunately when you are cycling, stopping to take a photo seems like quite a lot of effort and if we have zoomed past something we don’t always have the energy to stop and go back. Here are a few we did take pictures of (some are not of road signs, just hand painted pictures we see around us all the time.)

You can click on the first picture and cycle through them as a slideshow…

One response to “Some of Nepal’s hand painted signs…”

  1. Oh I love your signs, still thinking about the ones from India 🙂

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