The Taj Mahal in pictures…

Instead of writing about India’s most famous monument we thought it would be best to just post some pictures…. we had quite a few so have worked hard to reduce the amount to a reasonable level so you don’t pass out half way through!

The Taj is in the city of Agra – not the most pleasant of places to spend time! Despite having the feeling you have seen the Taj a million times already, its symmetry, design and grandeur doesn’t fail to impress. Considered the “jewel of Muslim art in India” it combined elements from Indian, Persian, Ottoman and Islamic architectural styles….

Although beautiful, the visiting experience is hardly smooth or enjoyable until you are actually inside!

If you do make it to the end then congratulations 🙂


2 responses to “The Taj Mahal in pictures…”

  1. Superb

  2. […] did indeed visit the Taj Mahal, which we have a plethora of photos of, you can find them here. As we had predicted, the visit was plagued by the ever present layers of Indian beauracracy, but […]

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