The best bike shop in Bangalore, Bums on the Saddle!

This fine Sunday we had the pleasure of visiting ‘Bums on the Saddle‘, without a doubt Bangalore’s best, friendliest and most enthusiastic bicycle shop! (not that we have visited many, but from our experience we are sure they are the best!)


After over 10,000 kilometres peddled, sputnik and sea noodle were in desperate need of some attention. Sputniks bar tape was flowing with the wind, her gears were not functioning properly and she was generally a bit of a mess. Sea noodle had a wonky wheel and pedals with only one of the four screws remaining.


The extremely awesome staff at BOTS let us use their workshop, and when they saw we clearly had no idea what we were doing, sorted out our problems and did a great job of it! On top of the great service they have the best selection of cycle gear we have seen so far in India, definitely a great place to stock up or have a service if you are touring or live here. In addition to servicing and the shop they also organise local rides, both on and off road for varying abilities in order to help promote cycling as an awesome thing to do.


They are very friendly and enthusiastic, even if you are just passing we recommend popping in for a chat as they love talking about cycling and bikes! Cycling in India as a hobby or sport is a niche activity at the moment, it is expanding as more people look to enjoy the outdoors or become fitter – with the best bike shop in Bangalore these guys are on to a winner and we wish them lots of luck!!



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