New team member(s)!

Announcement! It seems we have a new member (or members?) of the samandsheenacycle team, yes this may come as a shock… it may make cycling a little difficult for a while, certainly a little uncomfortable. One of us has found out that they have something growing inside of them and its been about four weeks now…..



Yes…. We suspect Sam has a parasite. You can get thoughts of 30 meter tapeworms out of your mind, its called Giardiasis and isn’t related to any kind of worm (no need for that milksake willow). It is common and has probably come from dirty water, actually scratch that… it is common and could have come from anywhere or anything or everything here. There are probably thousands of these horrible little things stealing all the food needed to pilot our two wheelers across this manic country, yuk! It isn’t pleasant, but hopefully some powerful antibiotics will blast these little things to wherever they came from… in the mean time Sheena has to put up with Sams moaning and toilet dashes.

Sams spaceships.
Sams spaceships.

Sorry if anyone got a bit overexcited there…

One response to “New team member(s)!”

  1. You had me going there , I shouted to Heather that Sheena was pregnant I will need to tell her false alarm but hope you are fine.

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