A quick final post for 2014 – The joy of maps and stats

We have been running this blog for five months now, unfortunately we have not found the balance yet to ensure we update it regularly and it is a work in progress. We have lots of plans on how we want it to look, and how we want it to be a resource for other people planning a similar trip but it can be hard work and there is a lot for us to learn. Without a doubt, the most exciting aspect of having a website are the statistics you get from wordpress and google that show you how many people have visited and where they are from – I love maps, Sheena loves numbers, perfect!

The ‘control page’ for our website has a map that shows the number of hits per country by using increasing intensities of colour… the results often surprise us!

Over 3000 views in the last two months
Over 3000 views in the last two months

So the top two countries are to be expected, UK followed by Ireland, third is the USA – large English speaking population and we both have a few friends there who we know have been following. The forth surprises us – Brazil, neither of us know anyone there or anyone who may be reading. If you are from Brazil then hi! Following this is a list of countries we either know people or have met people along the way, some unusual and some expected.

The strangest (for us) are the occasional visits from very unique counties: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Aruba and French Polynesia being my favourite. In total we have been viewed from 68 different countries. Come on North Korea.. where are you?


Thanks to everyone who follows us, those who have supported us and those we have met along the way!

We both wish you a very happy, exciting and adventure filled 2015!

Lots of love Sam and Sheena

We wander for distraction, we travel for fulfilment.
We wander for distraction, we travel for fulfilment.


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2 responses to “A quick final post for 2014 – The joy of maps and stats”

  1. Awesome post! I saw this video of your cover image you may get a kick out of

  2. Yes! Amazing Chris… we recognise all those places! That guy is nuts jumping on such a thin layer of snow (where did he get it from?!).

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