A quick update….

Hi everyone, everything has been a little quiet on here for a while but we will be updating lots soon with wild stories of Albanian adventures!

We are currently making a mad dash for Belgrade. Winter is coming fast and its getting really cold, with no Iranian visa possible and eastern Turkey looking a bit unrestful our original route has had to be put on hold for a short while. Over the next 8 days we have about 700km to cover, first crossing Macedonia before working our way up through Serbia.

Following this we have booked a flight from Belgrade to head to the sunny island of Sri Lanka! We are going to spend six weeks circling the island on our bikes before then seeing out the rest of the winter in India and Bangladesh… we have not had a chance to think of the full route yet but we are working out some kind of challenge to set ourselves. There are 29 states in india, all highly diverse with a huge mix of cultures and environments – we will try to see how many we can cycle through! If and when the visa rules change then we will resume our original plan, hopefully but spring time we will be able to continue through central Asia and then the far east!

For now you will have to be a little patient, lots of updates will be following when we have a chance to upload them!

The stunning Albanian countryside!
The stunning Albanian countryside!


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