A quick update…

Ok, so we have just put a lot more posts up, the only problem is the slow internet has meant they are not in the correct order and we seem to be unable to change them! There are more scheduled to be published over the next few days so lets hope that works! There are also large holes in where we have been and what we are up to…. major parts missing are our time in Croatia, Mostar, Sarajevo and the route we cycled between those two cities. We are working on this, along with some information for cycling in the area in a guide format. We are still trying to get used to the wordpress system, its not always easy but we will get there! Adding photos is a real pain and we have to reduce the quality so much otherwise it takes sooooo long. We are working on this, so hopefully it will be much easier and more enjoyable to read in the future. If the delayed publishing works then we can also drip feed posts on here instead of dumping them all in one go. Please feel free to leave any comments about how we can improve what we are writing about or how we put the posts up, in the mean time we are constantly trying to improve how we do it – its quite a learning curve and hopefully we will get better soon!

Sam and Sheena.


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