Nothing to see here…

Some days are uneventful and don’t warrant writing about… this was one of those days. Turn away if you want anything intetesting to happen.

Waking up next to our beautiful sunny lake we enjoyed coffee while watching nature become more active. We heading into a local town in order to stock up with food for the day as shops are only open for a short amount of time here, we made the mistake of stopping for coffee and getting locked into reading the news on the internet. The disparity between our serene early morning and the abstract break down of the world around us is stark, the intensifying tangle of news from a familiar Ukraine combined with decapitations and the continuing rampage of IS took us to 10 o’clock before we left.


A long climb took us to 800m before the up and down continued. Not much happened throughout the day and we found a nice looking place to camp near the karst depressions at the edge of a forest. We rigged up our water bag to have a shower in the trees, getting naked to enjoy the refreshing cold water wash at least some of the salt away. To pass the time we played around trying to make an extended lean-to with our ground sheet, the verdict was that it wasn’t up to much. Grey clouds on the horizon leave the impression that rain or storms are on the way. As a pre-determined no alcohol day (its far too easy to drink every night, nothing beats a few cold beers at the end of a days cycle, however we are getting conscious that having a few beers every night for 5 weeks is probably a bad thing) we played a few games before going to bed quite early…

I told you nothing interesting happened!



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