About Us

Welcome to Sam and Sheena Cycle! This blog will detail our adventures in the main journal and provide cycle touring guides and travel information for the countries we have visited on the way.

This website will provide insight into our day to day life while we travel, fascinating places we have seen and experiences (ranging from fantastic to petrifying to terrible) we have had. It’s not a race. Just two people exploring the world and seeing what it has to offer.

Our Journey
While our initial aim of this blog was to document our year long journey on our bikes in 2014, we’ve changed that. Now, it’s a way to share all of our big and small adventures — biking, hiking, automobiling and any other way you can think of to see the world.

As two people who enjoy travelling, we consider cycling to be one of, if not the best way of seeing the world. We often get to see places that are off the beaten track, allowing us to meet great people, see unspoilt countryside and often get treated as a novelty.

4 responses to “About Us”

  1. hi……iam ebrahim from kerala.
    (..india..)…..I welcome you to my motherland and explore india, particularly kerala……….

  2. Hi
    Admire your courage in cycling in Asia
    .Read your comment on the Thorn Tree forum on places to stay in Sri Lanka.
    “The nicest being the Cheapest.”
    We are going to Sri Lanka in feb 2015.Are there any nice places to stay you could recommend?,or any to avoid.We just intend to meander around with no particular itinerary.We are both keen mountainbike riders,although we have found Asian traffic and roads to be too horrendous for cycling ourselves..Met a guy in Vientiane recently that was cycling from Singapore to Paris.I really applaud people that can do it.
    Best wishes and good luck and safe cycling.
    Robin and Marion

  3. Hi Robin and Marion,
    Great to hear from you. We’d love to give you a bit of help with accommodation or any other questions you might have. Would you drop us an email at samandsheenacycle@gmail.com and we’ll hopefully be able to help you out!
    Happy (almost) new year,
    Sam and Sheena

  4. Hey! Nice meeting you guys at BUMSONTHESADDLE Bangalore. It was super fun interacting with you both and hope you had a great time at our store. Wish you a kickass journey ahead! Stay safe and have an awesome time on your journey ahead! 🙂
    Please leave us a note on your experience at our Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/BumsOnTheSaddle?fref=ts and would be really appreciated if you could spread the word out about our store. 🙂


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